The pen is mightier than the sword..

An update might require that we now note the "Keyboard" mightier than the "Missile" - and it better be or we're in a scary situation. Bottom line our goal is  intended to echo that of the founding fathers ”Justice and Liberty for ALL“ of course there is a lot more to that.

Our true intent is to make it very easy for people to track our elected officials. The decisions they  make, the partnerships they build, the funding of their campaigns. Nearly all of this is already public record but  it's difficult to dig  into so people won't do it.

I also don't expect networks to do it because they aren't technically (fiscally) interested in making sense of the raw data. How boring a headline is that?

Perhaps can serve as a source they might want to use to account positions. Senator "X" seems to also get a LOT of his funding, up to the amount $$$$$ the last 5 years from Industry "X"!!??

Challenge now is this mission needs reliable data gatherers to start making sense of votes right down to local levels and  up to federal and even global appointments. We also need courageous WordPress talent who can assist with creating a parent child post model for various relational data.