What’s special about Philadelphia?


Philadelphia is "just another city" right? Not the largest city, not the richest city, not the warmest, coldest, certainly not the best beaches but Philadelphia has something else. And because of that, many of mankind greatest philosophical epiphanies took place  in this great city. Philadelphia is a city where people from all over the world ended up, often  together and  in a "'strange foreign land" - so we learned to "get along" it's never easy and not always pretty, but we're gritty and we get the job done.

As the "City of Brotherly Love" (but not to exclude the sisters) This is  the city where the world changed. Somewhere between the Wall Street world of New  York and the DC Halls of Congress is "We the People" and to this day we must stride always to preserve OUR democracy. Philadelphia has long been  Ground Zero for this activity.

The photograph  on this page is the clock face  on Independence Hall. That building is where WE first declared our rights to own our government rather than the other way around.

Yeah, it's a BIG DEAL but don't take it for granted or that disappears as soon as the Oligarchs can get away with it and they are working diligently. Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and even George Washington walked the streets of this and risked their very (Elite)  lives so that the common man can have a say in public decisions.

How about if we do this, to honor them?