Is it too early to ask what happened? Is it too early to start looking at how much our officials have or have not done to prevent the spread of this awful virus and its disease? I think it is NOT too early and we need to be asking these questions before the damage inflicted gets worse.

Now is a perfect time to understand why an easy-to-use congressional register is essential to maintaining a free and united democratic republic in the modern age. All kinds of reports that information was shared about this far earlier than what some are telling us. If this is true, the only other question is what motivated the lack of action. There are only a few possible reasons why information would be withheld from the public at large.

  1. The people given the information were lazy.
  2. Those with the information were overwhelmingly busy and missed it.
  3. Those with information put our needs lower on their priority lists.
  4. They were intentionally allowing this disease to enter and spread.

The last reason (#4) is by far the most nefarious of reasons and if that is the case then why? What was the intent? How does hurting US help them? A congressional register may help answer many of these questions and would make it VERY easy to see which politicians had voted against funding that may have helped us better anticipate and prepare for this global pandemic event. We really need to use the tools we have available. How else can we easily see what these elected and appointed officials are doing (and why?)

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